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Insurance Broker
S. Ellis Insurance Educators Inc. is headed by Shirly Ellis, who admits (when pressed) to at least 40 years in the insurance industry.

During that time, Shirly worked as agent, broker, insurance company underwriter, and trainer. 

She facilitated Insurance Institute Courses in class and via teleconferencing at Cambrian College  in Sudbury for several years.

Working as a consultant and later as a corporate trainer, Shirly  taught the RIBO  Licensing course for more than 30 years.
​​Using authoring software, she designed and developed the various linked interactions that make up Pre-Requisite to Success our on-line RIBO Licensing Course and Equivalency Modules. 

She draws on her varied experiences to turn real life situations and examples into lively, on-line interactions.

Shirly holds her C.I.P. with the Insurance Institute of Canada.

She also holds a Teacher's of Adults Certificate and a Law Clerk Certificate from Cambrian College in Sudbury. 

She obtained a journalism/applied arts certificate from Niagara College, back in the 70's.
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