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Completion of "Pre-Requisite to Success" Module Suggested for Success with Licensing Modules

The Computer Age has Produced a  New Genre of Learners

A recent study by Microsoft found the average human attention span is down to eight (8) seconds, from  12, when it was originally measured in 2000.

Study researchers also claim that the human attention span is now LESS than that of a GOLDFISH, which is nine (9) seconds.
Many attribute this drop to the proliferation of technologies, specifically smart phones and video games.

 Millennials and Gen Z's demand their learning be Quick, Easy, Effective and ​Entertaining.  Shorter attention spans require shorter but effective exposure to information.

By 2025 Millennials & Gen Z's will make  up 75% of the work force

Thirty years of facilitating the Ontario Insurance Broker Level I Licensing Course and 3,000 students later--has shown that failure to pass the RIBO exam is primarily the result of not knowing how to prepare for and write the RIBO  exam, rather than a lack of understanding of the course content.

Hence the development of our signature  "Pre-requisite to Success Module."  It offers best study strategies for all learning styles and provides multiple choice exam writing techniques. It's suggested this module be completed first. 

The RIBO Licensing Exam is unlike any college or university exam ​most graduates are familiar with.  The techniques like skimming and memorizing content are NOT effective on this type of exam where little words like not  are missed with skimming, resulting in a wrong answer.

​Memorizing content is not helpful when tackling practical, scenerio based questions.  Understanding the content and being able to apply it is required to correctly answer these type of questions.

We offers tools and techniques to effectively tackle these types of questions.
Looking to meet the needs of this new order of learners who enter the work force  with the intent of becoming insurance  brokers, we' ve incorporated micro-learning--interactivty and short bites of content for those who grew up instantly and constantly connected to the world round them via smartphones, tablets and computers ​.

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